Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing


Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC, the abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing have the potential to turn your business into a money spinning enterprise. However, this needs professional PPC Management to maximize your ROI. A big set of keywords will result in your ads being clicked from a large number of PPC networks and resulting in increase of Sales and ROI.

Off late Pay-Per-Click (PPC), marketing has emerged as the largest and most popular form of Internet advertising in which the advertiser pays only for those who click on your listings - which means pays per click.

Webical PPC Management helps you to keep track of your PPC programs and segregate the best from the worst. The ever-continuing task of recognizing new keywords, coming up with Ads, making campaigns and monitoring the outcomes defines the success of PPC programs. We will save you the enormous task of coming up with campaigns and analyzing their results and effectiveness. We will enlighten you about the parts of operations are performing best and thereby show the areas that produce maximum results.
  • Selecting and targeting the right keywords
  • Creating catchy titles and description for the Ads
  • Sticking to an upper bid limit, as getting into bid wars can lead to a decrease in ROI
  • Maintaining low cost per click (CPC) by targeting on less competitive yet more searched keywords.
  • Daily Tracking of PPC campaign results. Focus on the major variables like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Updating the client about the progress of his Pay per Click campaign. We like to be in-line with the client's expectations.

At Webical, Per-Click (PPC) marketing is customized individually for every major search engine. Our success rate in PPC advertising campaign management is due to our competence in applying individual search engine specific standards and procedures. We have devised individual technical strategies for all the major search engines to impart total focus on each one of them for undertaking Per-Click (PPC) marketing in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Webical PPC Management helps you to get targeted audience for the PPC campaign. We assist you to keep costs at manageable levels and improving conversions. We accomplish this through control of your keywords. Webical PPC management does targeted and comprehensive keyword analysis. A detailed report will be sent to you frequently, enabling you to track conversion and an in-depth analysis of ROI.

The salient features of Webical PPC Management are:
  • Professional Management
  • Account setup
  • No minimum term required
  • Expert Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • Expert Campaign Analysis
  • Hands on PPC Bid Management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Deep ROI Analysis
  • Detailed Reports.
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