Content Management Systems


Content Management System Development

A Content Management System is a Web application that makes content building and delivery trouble-free. It enables users to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain content-rich web sites by streamlining the web publishing process.

At Webical Solutions, we offer a wholesome bouquet of services for Enterprise-wide Content Management Systems.

A CMS allows large organizations to structure and automate the collection of content that needs to managed and published on the web site.

We offer off-the-shelf Content Management Systems combined with platform-specific customization. We integrate content management systems with enterprise applications.

Our customized content management system development package provides features, such as:

  • Add New Unlimited Pages
  • Page Naming & Keyword Customization
  • Meta Title Customization
  • Meta Description for the page & Global Templates Customization
  • Admin / User / Modules & User Restriction for the content feeding
  • Editing existing pages & Add Images

Our content management system provides development, integration and support. It facilitates integration with existing legacy systems and other products. It helps data conversion and migration and provides avenue for end-user training. Our Content Management System serves individuals as well as large corporations.

Keeping a web site current is challenging for most businesses that do not have a full-time, in-house web department. However, bad or dated information can cost a company dearly. The solution lies in keeping your website current and fully leveraging the volume and complexity of change.

Our Content management system enables you to create:

  • Corporate websites
  • Personal web sites
  • Community portals
  • Intranet applications
  • Blog sites

Webical Solutions’ multi-skilled team can customize Word Press / Joomla / Drupal and all open source CMS theme designs. Our professional and dynamic team is capable of integrating services from different vendors. With our MAG-CMS, images, documents, flash files, textual content and relationships between the content can be added to a web site with ease.

The uniqueness of our Content Management System is that it

  • Works in all browsers and no additional software required
  • Upload images directly to your content
  • Ability to add hyperlinks, paragraph formatting, lists, etc
  • Upload PDF and media files
  • Permission based access to different user groups
  • Ability to create new pages and sections in the site
  • Preview option to view content in live mode before publishing etc.

Thus, Webical solutions Content Management Systems helps you to create aesthetic, functional and powerful sites at a fraction of time, cost and effort. We empower you to be the designer, developer and administrator for your own site.

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